Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Zoo... Again :)

The public library here gives free passes to the zoo if you have a card, so thankfully two of the girls out here have them. This is our second trip to the zoo so far. The Brookfield Zoo is massive so it's nice not to feel rushed to fit everything all in one day, and with all the kids we haul around I don't think anyone would last the whole day! I think all of us mom's might have been more tired than the kids after the whole sha-bang :) Taya was a lot more interested today than she was the first time. She loved the monkeys, fish and birds so it was fun to see her get excited!

I keep hoping the weather will get warmer to get a little sun on that white face of mine but I guess maybe it'll never happen for me! This is in front of the monkeys... they have an incredible display thing so it's fun to watch them. This picture was a sacrifice for Tay, she did not want to take her eyes off the monkeys!

This bear was massive! He looks so friendly, I wish we were buddies.

This, on my part, is a pathetic atempt at a fish face :)


Jacobson Family said...

It looks like you guys are having so much fun!

Danny & Lindsay said...

I love it, love the last pic. Come back Ash!

Krista said...

Such darling pictures honey. I just want to squeeze that precious little girl (you too Ashley) We miss you all so much.