Thursday, September 10, 2009

Taya's 2nd Birthday

Taya's Birthday was on September 1st and I'm a little late at posting, but have been a little busy unpacking! I think she knew it was a special day, she walked around all day saying "Taya is 2" and "Taya's Bootday". It was SO cute!! Cameron was in town for the morning of her birthday so we decided to take her here...
I know, who takes their 2 year old DAUGHTER to a motorcycle store for their 2nd birthday?? BUT she's OBSESSED with motorcycles so we thought it'd be really fun for her! :) And turns out we were right, she LOVED it! She walked around like she owned the place, it was so cute!
Had to get a picture on the pink bike! :)

Daddy and Taya checkin' out the bikes.

Taya was SUPER excited to open these new dress-up shoes from Grandma. She wears them every single day and has to make them click on the tile floor. I think she could've cared less about her other presents at the time, but was still happy there were more!

We had to take Cam to the airport later that day so she hasn't had an official birthday party yet, but I let her celebrate that night with a delicious, store-bought cupcake :) It had a kitty on it so she liked it.

I thought this picture was funny :)

Happy Birthday sweetie pie, we love you so much!!