Sunday, May 11, 2008


Today is Mother's Day, so Happy Mother's Day to everyone. In church today some girls sang a song that I thought was so beautiful. I've never heard it, but it said something about God sending mothers to be our angels to watch over us. It was such a neat song and almost brought me to tears. Mom, thank you so much for being my angel and helping me learn everything that I have. To all the mothers in my life and Cameron's, thank you for all you've done, we appreciate your love for us so much. We've had a few requests to post more pictures of Taya (belive it or not!) so I thought I'd take a minute to show you how much she's growing! Taya is such a lucky little girl to have so many grandma's that love her and her sweet chubby cheeks :) Once again, Happy Mother's Day, we hope you had a wonderul Sunday.

Happy Mother's Day to Me :)

Getting so close to crawling! (This is our friend Andrew on the left coaching her :) )

Ok, this next video needs a little explanation first... Taya farted about half way into it, I thought it was hilarious, but you can only hear it if your speakers are up loud, otherwise my laughing will make no sense to you :)


This is just another video I thought was cute, she's just talking a little bit. This was today.


I hope you enjoyed this long post :)


Andrew and Jenna said...

It's official...I'm stealing your baby. And apparently I'm also commenting on every single post you have. She's getting too big, make her stop! At least until we all move back home!

Rebecca said...

That was a great ending to a great Mothers Day! Thanks for sharing cupcake with us today...she is perfect, pretty and brilliant! Love you and miss you!

Rebecca said...

Oh...and Taya's indiscreet offering is pretty cute, and probably her Daddys fault :)

Krista said...

Ashley, thank you for the darling pictures. She is such a precious little doll. Have you ever thought that babies are so much like old people. Taya's expressions are like that of a little old lady. . . and the little toot, that too, with no care or concern.

Krista said...

There wasn't another place to post another comment so you get two from me also. Honey, I just want you to know how proud we are of the wonderful mother that you have become. You are one of our angels as well and we thank our Heavenly Father for you and your siblings every day.

Jacobson Family said...

She has gotten so big

Shea said...

Ok...The fart was so funny. Come see us at sheabren3.blogspot.