Friday, April 30, 2010

And So It Begins...

Stitches. Already. At two and a half.

Here's the story:

This morning right before Cam left for work he got her out of the bathtub and put a towel around her. She wanted to see me giving Dodger a bath so she walked into the bathroom, tripped on the end of the towel and face planted right onto our slate tile. Her hands were all wrapped in the towel so she couldn't even catch herself :( It scared me to death, I thought she'd broken her nose for sure! I asked her if her nose hurt and she said no and pointed to her chin, so I lifted up her head and sure enough here was this...

(sorry if you're throwing up now)

(This picture was taken after the chaos, I'm not that terrible of a mother to pause my child from her screaming so I can take a quick pic :) . ) Anyway, luckily Cam hadn't left for work yet and my mom (who is in town, thank goodness!) drove right over to help out so I could take Taya to the doctor. She was such a sweet little thing, before we left she kept saying "tay's owie not hurt, tay's owie feel bedder". Cam left for work, but felt bad half way there and headed to the doctor so he could be with us-- thank you!!! I was so glad and I know Taya was too! She did so good at first at the doctor until she got the shot -luckily now days they can partially put you under for the procedure, otherwise it would have been a nightmare!!! We were laughing so hard, she was normal for a few minutes then all of the sudden looked at Cam with the biggest eyes, like she had seen a ghost, and went completely limp. At first it was hilarious, then we layed her down and she couldn't move her little body, but was shaking a little and looked so scared. Such an awful feeling, I had a really hard time seeing her like that, but after all was said and done it was soooo worth the knock out! Of course I brought my camera to document the whole thing, so here's a few sad pictures of our eventful day...

At the doctor right before the sedation...

Poor little Taya, still out of it and 3 stitches later...

NEVER seen my child so still! :( ...

And a video that probably isn't that cool, you'll just NEVER see Taya this calm again! ...

So here's the funny part of the story:

Yes, funny. Right before we left the nurse told us that Taya would probably be really woozy and sleepy all day and that she'd probably go home and sleep for a few hours. I thought that sounded kinda nice to be quite honest! I left the office and had to carry her to the car because she couldn't walk yet. Her words were all slurring and she wasn't making any sense so I had to try not to laugh :) On the way home I looked in my rear view mirror to see her making a piggy face for about a minute straight with no other facial expression (using her thumb to push up her nose). This time I laughed. When we got out of the car is where the fun began. She was pretty much bouncing off the walls! My mom got her an inflatable trampoline yesterday so we set it up in our living room for now and Taya immediately got in it and started bouncing from wall to wall saying "whooaaa whoooaaa whoooooaaaaa" over and over. It was hilarious!!! She'd sit down and say "spinning" then stand up and say "weeiirrdd". You could tell she definitely felt a little out of it. Then she took a nap for only about an hour and has been going going all day and just went to bed at 9pm. SERIOUSLY NURSE?!?! What happened to my chill day of getting so many things done?? Apparently the meds had the opposite affect! At least she wasn't in pain and mopey all day though so I guess I can't complain! The day is over, thank goodness. It was a busy one.

This was not my usual post of Taya, hopefully more funny ones to come...

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Dodger had a doctor appointment last week and this week and we FINALLY figured out that he is for sure allergic to milk. Would've been nice to know 6 MONTHS AGO!!! So FYI to all you new or not new mommies out there, if your baby has SEVERE eczema, spits up like crazy, doesn't sleep, doesn't eat, etc. , it might not be "normal" like the doctors may say. Needless to say, he started on soy milk 3 days ago and we've seen a HUGE improvement! He's sleeping SO good, eating much better and his skin actually looks like a baby now. It's so exciting! I can't tell you how many things I had tried on his skin, poor guy itched like crazy. He's been such a trooper through all this though, he's such a happy little guy. He loves to flirt with girls, you look at him, he'll smile and turn away like he's shy. It's adorable. He's still my little cuddle bug too, and still so tiny. His stats this visit were:

Weight 14 lbs - 17 percentile
Height 25 in - 25th percentile

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Does This Suprise Anyone?

"What are ya doin Tay?"

"Just painting."

"Fun! What are you painting?"


"Oh no. Let me see."

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Taya Likes to "Move It Move It"

Let me just say that this video is well worth watching :) ...

(thanks jami for making it!)