Friday, May 30, 2008


This is pathetic to admit but sometimes throughout the day if something fun, crazy, weird... whatever happens I find myself wondering if it's blogable. Yes, I know, "blogable" is not a word. Neither is "flail" but lets not get started on that again. So today something happened, which, in my book, is completely blog worthy....

Taya didn't get a long enough nap today and was being really ornery (yes, that's how you spell it, took me years to figure that out... thanks Jami)... so I decided to go for a walk to get out of the house. It's been crazy weather here all day today, rain, tornado warnings, thunder, wind, you name it, but there was a little break, thank goodness! My friend Jessie and her two kids came with us and we weren't planning on going very far, but you get to walking and forget you actually have to turn around and go the same distance to get home again! Anywho... we walked, I dunno, 20 minutes and it started sprinkling so we thought it'd be smart to start heading back. We turned around and just then all hell broke loose. Yes, that's right, a complete down pour! It hit me then, that the news said they're was chance of flash flooding today. Oopsies. That word gets said a lot lately at our house! We covered the kids as best we could and ran (I'd like to say the whole way) but walked the uphill battle the rest of the way home. I was in sandals and poor jessie had to push her two kids in her double stroller. Kudos to Jess! I bet all the cars flying by were either 1. getting a good laugh or 2. thinking what terrible parents would take their kids out in this ridiculous weather! Taya, luckily, I think was having a good time! I got home and had a good laugh about it! I can't help but wonder what Taya was thinking as I was running her in her stroller... "whoa mom woah mom ...whoa...bouncy bouncy bouncy..." Haha. When I got her out of the stroller she kept looking at me- my hair was sopping wet and I'm sure I looked like a complete fool- but she thought it was funny! At the end of all this, the orneriness went away and now my little sugar plum is upstairs tucked in her little burrito blanket sleeping like an angel. Hooray for walks!

So I'm completely embarassed that I'm actually putting these pictures on here, but maybe it'll help with the affect...

So this picture is not the best, but look at my pants (behind the stroller umbrella). See the difference in colors? Yeah, completely soaking! This also gives a nice highlight to my chestal area... oops, sorry. You also can't see this, but I'm literally dripping water off my skin. Maybe these pictures aren't helping the "affect" :)

Taya looking at me wondering what the heck happened to her mommy! (and a leaf on her shoulder, hah!)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Baby Burrito

Yes it's true, Taya, at almost 9 months old, still has to be wrapped up tight to fall asleep!! She gets too excited when she's tired and flails her arms and legs all over the place. Who even knows is "flail" is a word, but I'm sure we've all used it once or twice! Anyway, one of my favorite, or most rewarding parts of the day is right before bedtime... I give Taya a bottle, lay her down on her blankie and she waits for me to wrap her up. When I pick her up to put her in her bed I give her kisses and she always gives me the cutest smile. It's such a sweet, innocent, sleepy smile. It's almost like she's saying "mom, thank you for taking care of me". Or I guess that's what I like to think :) Anyway, this is my precious little baby burrito...

Monday, May 26, 2008


So the other day I left Taya alone in the living room for a minute and here's what I came back to...

How can you get mad at that face? :)

Mmmm yum! Have you ever tasted a baby wipe? Yeah, nasty! I did, just to see what all the fuss was about... probably not something she should have in her mouth! (Like the carpet and fuzzies I have to dig out!)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Zoo... Again :)

The public library here gives free passes to the zoo if you have a card, so thankfully two of the girls out here have them. This is our second trip to the zoo so far. The Brookfield Zoo is massive so it's nice not to feel rushed to fit everything all in one day, and with all the kids we haul around I don't think anyone would last the whole day! I think all of us mom's might have been more tired than the kids after the whole sha-bang :) Taya was a lot more interested today than she was the first time. She loved the monkeys, fish and birds so it was fun to see her get excited!

I keep hoping the weather will get warmer to get a little sun on that white face of mine but I guess maybe it'll never happen for me! This is in front of the monkeys... they have an incredible display thing so it's fun to watch them. This picture was a sacrifice for Tay, she did not want to take her eyes off the monkeys!

This bear was massive! He looks so friendly, I wish we were buddies.

This, on my part, is a pathetic atempt at a fish face :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Naked Naked

We haven't done too many exciting things lately so this isn't that great of a post, but I figured it's been a few days since I've added something, so hey, might as well throw in a couple more pictures of Taya! Enjoy...
Taya loves to be naked, which I'm sure most babies do! :)

Getting soooo close!!! Look at that concentration :)

Friday, May 16, 2008


These were taken at the park. She loves the grass!

I thought this picture was funny, she looks like she should be reading a book.

Cousins! (kind of) Tessa and Taya.

September 1, 2007

I love reading my friend Jocelin's blog. Every now and then she writes about significant moments in her life and I get so excited to sit down and read her 'stories', if you will. I just learned that you also can print your blog to keep as a journal, so I decided to steal Jocelin's idea to keep my memories from fading. (Sorry Jocelin, I hope you don't mind!)...

Saturday, September 1st was the day Cameron and I were supposed to go to the hospital to have Taya, so on Friday we had decided to relax and enjoy the day and then finish up all the last minute things we needed to do... pack our hospital bag, etc. We went to the pool in the morning, as we usually did, and returned to our apartment to get ready to leave. Cameron decided to go to Costco while I was getting ready, which was nice since, let's be honest, when you're that far along any form of moving doesn't sound like very much fun! When we scheduled our appointment for me to be induced the doctor told me to be ready because sometimes they'll call and have you come in a little earlier. We were supposed to be there at Saturday at 2:00pm. I was sitting on the couch when Cameron left for Costco and got a phone call asking if we could come in earlier. I told the nurse that it was no problem and asked what time she'd like us there. She said "we're ready for you, so as soon as possible". I panicked. It was supposed to be the next day! I immediately called Cameron and asked if he was ready to have this baby, which was dumb of me because he thought I was going into labor :) I told him not to rush because I still had to shower and get packed so just to hurry and get the things we needed and come home. I got into the shower and heard all kinds of comotion... literally maybe 10 minutes since Cam and I had talked on the phone. Cameron comes bursting into the bathroom, sweat dripping down his face, with the biggest smile you've ever seen. He told me he was too excited at Costco so he just left his cart and came home. He already had the car packed and was yelling at me to hurry up! HA! Meanwhile, I'm taking my time, not saying a word because I'm basically in shock. Do you know how scary it is knowing that a human has to come out of you somehow, some way and there's nothing you can do about it!! Don't get me wrong, I was completely excited, but yikes! Anyway, turns out she didn't come any earlier, she was born on Saturday, September 1st 9:45ish pm. I say "ish" because I was completely drugged up when she was born, but we'll save that story for another day :) She was such a beautiful baby, I had such a hard time putting her down. Cameron was a trooper, with a c-section, he had to help me do everything! I hadn't even changed a diaper until the day we left the hospital! She looked so tiny in his arms, it was so cute! I must say, that was one of the hardest things I've gone through in my life, but I'm so grateful to have my little girl and would do it all over again in a heartbeat. We're so blessed to be her parents and to raise her in our family. She is so much fun, not a day goes by where I don't look at her and smile.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Today is Mother's Day, so Happy Mother's Day to everyone. In church today some girls sang a song that I thought was so beautiful. I've never heard it, but it said something about God sending mothers to be our angels to watch over us. It was such a neat song and almost brought me to tears. Mom, thank you so much for being my angel and helping me learn everything that I have. To all the mothers in my life and Cameron's, thank you for all you've done, we appreciate your love for us so much. We've had a few requests to post more pictures of Taya (belive it or not!) so I thought I'd take a minute to show you how much she's growing! Taya is such a lucky little girl to have so many grandma's that love her and her sweet chubby cheeks :) Once again, Happy Mother's Day, we hope you had a wonderul Sunday.

Happy Mother's Day to Me :)

Getting so close to crawling! (This is our friend Andrew on the left coaching her :) )

Ok, this next video needs a little explanation first... Taya farted about half way into it, I thought it was hilarious, but you can only hear it if your speakers are up loud, otherwise my laughing will make no sense to you :)

This is just another video I thought was cute, she's just talking a little bit. This was today.

I hope you enjoyed this long post :)

A Day at the Zoo

On Saturday Taya and I went to the zoo with some of the other girls out here in Chicago and their kids. It was a lot of fun! The zoo is huge so we didn't get to see everything, but we have free passes so I'm sure we'll go a lot more this summer. Taya was so good the whole day and seemed like she was having fun! She likes to yell and make lots of high pitched noises so she kept us all very well entertained.

Has anyone ever seen a giraffe spread it's legs out like this before??? haha I thought it was funny

I hate this picture of myself, but I thought Taya's facial expression was cute!

After a long day at the zoo, Taya was spent!

Friday, May 9, 2008

You Are So Beautiful To Me

This is my nephew, Baden. I love this video, I think it's absolutely adorable :)

Time Flies

I've decided I can't look at Taya's baby pictures very often because it always makes me want another baby. What is it about women being baby hungy all the time? I guess Cameron has wanted another baby since I think she was about two months old! They're just so precious, it's hard not to want to squeeze them (not too tight of course). Maybe I'll just hug my friends babies for the time being :) This picture was taken when Taya was two weeks old, she looks like such a little angel.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Saturday, May 3, 2008

Thank You Baby Einstein!!!

Taya found a new toy! I started having her watch Baby Einstein and she's hooked. It's so nice to keep her entertained for a while. She got a cold and has been so sad all day so this was pretty much the only thing that kept her happy.

and 5 minutes after that...
and 5 minutes later...


Taya VS Daddy

Lay off my binky Daddy...


Apparently this is what our family does on a rainy day in Chicago :) Ok, so in the pictures it's totally sunny, but the weather here is nuts. It changes pretty much every 5 minutes!