Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things...

Or phrases, really.

Lately Taya has been saying a TON of the following:

My hands get so dry and sometimes crack and bleed (disgusting, I know) and Taya will see my owies, make a sad face and say "aaawwwee poor iddle (little) mommy".

"Where dis tome from?"

"oohh thad be fun!"

"1, 2, free, 9, 10"

And my favorite is when she talks to Dodger:

"It's ok buddy, almos home buddy"

"Hi sweet boy!"

"Baby Dodger stop it right now!!!" (crying in the car :) )

It's so cute, sometimes in the car she'll start laughing and Dodger will giggle so they'll just go back and forth laughing at each other. :)

This is not that exciting of a post, I know, but I wanted to remember a few of the cute things she says. I know there's more, just can't think of anymore off the top of my head! We haven't been up to much lately, as you can tell :). I've been on a strict diet for a few weeks now and Cam started last week so we've just been cranky at our house! haha. I've just been working on a few more projects that I'll post when/ IF they ever get done! :) We finally finished our garden yesterday, and by we I mean me and Taya and by Taya I mean she pretty much just ruined whatever I did so she wasn't really that much help! She loved it though so I guess that's all that matters. I'm so excited though, I finally get to have a garden! Let's just hope I don't ruin it! ... Anyway, hopefully a more exciting post next time...