Friday, October 28, 2011

Trip to California Part 1

Yep, I'm breaking it into parts. Sorry. I'm tired, but have been needing to blog for far too long, so maybe it'll be easier this way...

Cameron's cousin got married a couple weeks ago in California so our family decided to make a trip out of it. This was our first official family vacation, with the kiddos and all. They were hilarious. As soon as we got in the hotel room Taya found the phone and "talked" all night.
We drove on Thursday, October 13th, and went to Disneyland the next day.
The kids were in heaven. We met up with our friends and all the kids were able to play all day. Cam, luckily, was willing to do most of the rides with Taya since I'm a pansy and get motion sickness on pretty much everything :). Tea Cups? No thanks! 

Taking a break, watching the ducks...
 Dodger was SOOO excited to see "Me Ne Hooouuussee", but didn't want anything to do with him as we got closer :) At least we got to hear him say menehoooussee all day :)...
 Taya LOVED the castle!! ... and so much smaller than Cam and I remember, haha!...
 Kami, Genna, and Taya...
 By the time we got to the princess area the line was soooo long so we decided not to even attempt it. I was so sad because I knew that's the one thing Taya was SO excited for. BUT prayers are answered, and on our way out of the park a parade was starting just then! She got to see everything she wanted and all the princesses were just as beautiful as she had imagined. Peter Pan walked right in front of us and I thought she'd have a heart attack (we were so sad he didn't talk to her though). ...
 I LOVE this picture! It's not very often that we get picture from Taya without a funny face or a real smile and the smile she has on her face here makes me want to take her back to Disneyland everyday... or maybe just once a year :).
We were ALL exhausted by the time we left! Dodger fell asleep about .2 seconds into being buckled into the car. He had probably more fun than all of us at "Ne Ne Naand". We had a blast though and are excited to take the kids back someday.


These always come in spurts, but when they do it's always one after the other. I usually try and remember to write them down as I hear them.  Enjoy...

*  Went for a walk the other day: "Why do we live in this area? It's toooo hot here!"

*  She walked into the kitchen a couple weeks ago, sighed, and said slowly, "Cam is adiculous". (ridiculous)

*  We carved pumpkins yesterday after she had been begging me every single day to do it, and this is how it turned out: "This is NOT fun, it's just yucky and stinky!!"

*  Taya asked Cam for something a few weeks ago and he said no so I told her, "Taya maybe if you make a puppy face he'll let you". She looked at Cam and said, "ruff ruff". We both died laughing. :) 4 year old minds. :)

*  As we were eating at the dinner:
"Mom, you're the best cooker I ever saw."
"Thanks hun!"
"Dad, you're the best cooker I ever saw too."
"Thanks honey."
"You guys think I'm the best cooker with you guys?"
"Yep, you're the best helper too."
"I love you guys."

Happy Birthday Kiddos

Wow where has the time gone!? Yes it's been forever since I've posted anything. I should be ashamed. Where to begin? ... Guess I'll start with birthdays...
Taya turned 4 on September 1st. She LOVES her birthday. Let's be honest, every kid loves their birthday, but this kid talks about her birthday almost every single day of the year. For Christmas she asked Santa for a birthday cake. So yes, she was excited to say the least. I was a little sad we weren't in Utah to throw her a huge 4 year old birthday party :) but we had a good time here and had a little party a few days later.

 She started preschool the middle of August and has loved every minute of it. She sings preschool songs all day long and always hopes for homework! Dodger and I have loved it also :). Whenever I say, "Dodger, let's go pick up Taya" he always says, "no!". That's how well they get along. :)

Dodger turned two on October 22nd and I'll be honest, it was a rough one. Sister had a hard time remembering his presents were HIS presents. :) Taya said the breakfast prayer and blessed that it would be her birthday soon. Dodger REFUSED to take a nap that day so he was a bit ornery all day. We didn't get to celebrate too much (with Cam leaving the next day), but he had fun and LOVED his presents. We even got him to say "happy burtday". 

 He could NOT keep his hands of those cars, or the frosting, hence the scoops out of the front of the cake :) ... Glad he liked it! He's OBSESSED with Cars and asks to watch it every single day.

Happy Birthday to my sweet kids! Love you love you love you!