Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's About Time!

Eight months later and Dodger is FINALLY starting to sit up on his own! And I thought Taya took a long time! I haven't updated on him in a while, so I thought I'd hurry and do it...

Dodger now has two little teeth and still smiles more than any baby I know. He lights up the room and melts his mommy and daddy with his cute little grin! :) He IS growing... slowly but surely, I guess. At his last appointment (7 months old) he weighed 15.8 lbs, in the 9th percentile and 30th percentile for height. He still won't eat anything and I try pretty much everyday. :( His skin is MUCH better than it used to be, but he still gets allergies or something... who knows! We took him in the hot tub for the first time tonight and he LOVED it!! Can't wait to take him swimming this week! Anyway, here's our little guy at 8 months old...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Oh Taya

Yesterday after just BARELY putting Taya's swimsuit on she got soaking wet outside THEN said she had to go potty... so not wanting to deal with the hassle, I was holding Dodger feeding him at the time, I told her to just go in her suit then rinse off in the little hose toy that we have after. Is that gross? Little did I know the HUGE MISTAKE it would lead us to today...

We just got home from the store and she went in the back gate and I ran into the house cause I had to pee so bad. Too much information, sorry. When I was done I opened the back door and she had her pants and underwear pulled down around her ankles - our conversation went like this:

"Taya! What are you doing?!"
"Taya's naken" (naked)
"I forgot you had to go potty, come inside and I'll take you."
"Taya did."
"You went potty?"
"Yep. Drass." (grass)
"You went potty in the grass?!? Are your pants wet?"
"No, Taya sit down."
"Taya, did you sit down and go potty in the grass?!"
"Yep. Mar-ee doe poddy drass, gunter doe poddy drass, Taya doe poddy too."
(Marley and Gunther are the dogs!)

Who would've thought my simple mistake yesterday would lead to this? Not me. Oopsies... or as Taya would say "soupsie poopsies".

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"Honey, are you serious?!?"

So this is my latest project- I bought them for our family room so we could make the room look a little cleaner and hide all of our remotes, cords, movies, books, etc. I just finished them and we brought them in the house yesterday... we love them! :) I was a little nervous about this project since it's laminate, but it turned out so good and hopefully won't get too beat up by Taya! I always love hearing Cam complain about the stuff when he goes to pick it up, "Honey, are you serious? This is the ugliest stuff I've ever seen" is usually what gets said. It always puts a smile on my face :)


So the process went like this, for those of you who are wondering... sanded down the laminate a little, primed once, sanded the top a little, primed again, spray painted 3 coats, glazed (the antique look), then painted 2 coats of polyurethane (a sealer). The handles I sprayed with a metallic spray paint in aged bronze- which I loved by the way. That's it in a nutshell! I was going to take pictures of the whole process this time, but let's be honest, I got too excited and started before realizing I hadn't taken pictures. Sorry! Maybe next time...