Thursday, June 5, 2008

Texas Schmexas

So they say everything is bigger in Texas... but what about Illinois?!? I guess I can't say too much since I've never been to Texas (I'm sure everything is bigger and what not), but let me tell you about a little special surprise I didn't know Illinois came with. And by little, I mean big. Last night we were watching tv and I looked up and saw something (which I thought was a centipede) crawling on the wall. So, being terrified of anything having more than 2 legs and smaller than my fist, I gasped and asked Cameron to kill the bug. I think this is his biggest pet peeve, that I make him do the killing... always :) (That's what hubbies are for, right?) Anyway, he looks at it and admits he actually has the "heebeegeebees" as well... because it's an ANT!!! Yes, a giant ant. Who knew ants even came in bigger sizes? I'm not exaggerating when I say it was probably about an inch and a half long. Sick. So now the ant is long gone down the toilet and I'm a happy girl... until the next one arrives. And then there are the bumblebees. Have you ever seen a bumblebee?? I thought I had... until I moved to Chicago. Holy smokes. They're like these minature aliens with their giant, creepy bug eyes staring at you. A few weeks ago some of the girls and I were going to eat a delicious sandwich at Jimmy Johns and in order to get into this place we had to cross this little fenced area, but this precious little satan of a bumblebee was guarding the path! Every time we tried to walk past, he'd turn around and head straight for us. I swear those creepy eyes were staring right into my soul. And then the legs came out. Usually on little flying things you don't see their legs because they're so skinny and small, but no... picture the landing gear coming out of an airplane. These were his legs. Needless to say, we went all the way around the restaurant, through the mud and all, just to avoid the bumblebee. Don't worry that when we left, he was still there. This time we covered our faces, ducked, and ran. So there you have it, giant ants and alien bumblebees... what's next Chicago? Bring it on.

  • I've come to realize that no one really cares (that much) about you once you have babies... they just wanna see the kids. So, once again, here's a picture of my sweet princess. Only, in these pictures I wouldn't really consider her a "princess". Sorry Taya.

This is how most of her feeding sessions end up if I feed her in her chair. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!! (besides bibs, I know, she should have one on!)

Yummy sweet potatoes!!

Ok, so while I'm on the subject, she is getting soooo stubborn with eating, it's almost a chore to feed her! I don't know if she just likes sweet things now or if she's just over the "mush". If anyone has any advice please help me :)


Jacobson Family said...

Pest Control Anyone...??? :) Sounds like you are having so much fun out there! And I can't believe how big Taya is getting

Zachary & Kari said...

Ashley, your little girl is such a doll! I make Zachary kill all our bugs too, and he hates it! Luckily we haven't come across any 2 inch ants!

Andrew and Jenna said...

I wish you would have taken pictures of those bugs. How gross! And also, Taya doesn't even look like Taya in those two pictures. Where did my little baby go?

Tyler & Nicole said...

Hey! It was great to see your blog and how you are all doing! Your little girl is adorable, how fun.

Good luck with the bugs. We lived in Texas for a few months and the bugs are just as big there. I just hope you don't get any cockroaches!

Jami said...

Yeah the bees are huge here too! I dodged one today on a door as if it were a baseball flying at my head..good thing the customer hadn't answered the door yet. I swear Taya will have breasts the next time I see her...she's growing way too fast :)