Saturday, June 7, 2008


My mom was saying today how much she misses Taya, so I promised more pictures and some videos! I've been sick a few days this week so we've both been stuck in the house all day, but she's getting lots of practice crawling and is finally starting to get it! These are just a few pictures of our uneventful day...

Love those eyes :)

Giggly girl

I just thought this was a funny face :)

"I found the toys mom!"

Taya and Daddy

Yesterday I was laying on the floor with her and she grabbed my face and started poking my eyes. She did the same thing with Cameron before work, we figured out she just barely noticed our eyelashes! We thought it was pretty cute. She loves playing with our faces, especially Daddy's!

Just a little video I took today of her crawling.

I just thought this was funny... she's my child, so of course everything she does I think is cute :) Don't mind my annoying voice in the background... apparently I talk in a really high pitched voice to babies! haha.


Jenn said...

Oh Ash she is so dang cute! I love her gorgeous eyes and smile! She'll be so big by the time I see her! How are you liking it out there? Are you ever planning on coming east to see Jami or anything? I'd love to see you!!!

Rebecca said...

Ashley, those pictures are so cute, and the videos are priceless! I sat with Grandma Warner yesterday morning so she could see and bookmark your blog, we laughed and oohed and ahhed at our baby. Sure miss you...cannot wait for the season to be over! Kiss cupcake for us and tell her that Nana thinks she is smart and adorable and loves her so much!!!

Jami said...

Everyone is right, she is adorable. And also, Cameron is so tan he looks like a Mexican. Lucky.

Andrew and Jenna said...

My little Taya is all grown up now! I can't believe she's crawling. Just don't let her start walking until after the summer or I will be very disappointed!

Ryan & Jess said...

SUCH cute pics. She is growing up too fast!