Friday, October 28, 2011


These always come in spurts, but when they do it's always one after the other. I usually try and remember to write them down as I hear them.  Enjoy...

*  Went for a walk the other day: "Why do we live in this area? It's toooo hot here!"

*  She walked into the kitchen a couple weeks ago, sighed, and said slowly, "Cam is adiculous". (ridiculous)

*  We carved pumpkins yesterday after she had been begging me every single day to do it, and this is how it turned out: "This is NOT fun, it's just yucky and stinky!!"

*  Taya asked Cam for something a few weeks ago and he said no so I told her, "Taya maybe if you make a puppy face he'll let you". She looked at Cam and said, "ruff ruff". We both died laughing. :) 4 year old minds. :)

*  As we were eating at the dinner:
"Mom, you're the best cooker I ever saw."
"Thanks hun!"
"Dad, you're the best cooker I ever saw too."
"Thanks honey."
"You guys think I'm the best cooker with you guys?"
"Yep, you're the best helper too."
"I love you guys."


Jeff and Robyn said...

haha i love these, Taya is the cutest! Thanks for the updates and I love new look of your blog it's adorable!