Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hello Terrible Two's

All in one week Taya has:

- Broken our pantry door off (she brings me the brown sugar everyday... "mmm mommy, nummy")

-Dumped two bags of cereal on our family room carpet, one of which was Fruity Pebbles... could that be any harder to pick up??

-Unrolled the toilet paper from our bathroom into our bedroom (about 15 feet) TWICE

-Burned her hand on the fireplace

-Sat in our garage and played in the oil leak from my car

-Stuck a chocolate chip up her nose "MOMMY STUCK! MOMMY STUCK!"

-Eaten pretty much every marker in our hous
e... see my previous post

-Learned how to breasfeed her baby doll
"baby ian Taya's boobies" (ian=eating)

-And today found the tallest stool we own and got a hold of our Melatonin "mmm bedtime nummy Mommy" ... yeah, she was a little tired today:

"Mommy, tired. Nap"
"Let's eat some lunch first, then you can go to sleep, Taya"
"Mommy nap"
"Ok, we need to eat food really fast"
"No food. Nap"

Oh and did I mention that most of this happened today??
Apparently you're supposed to watch your kids during the day :) .

I need a vacation.


Jenn said...


Jami said...

Just wait til Dodger gets a little older and Taya is convincing him to do all those naughty things with her.

Woodward Family said...

She is so cute, you guys need to come over and hang out soon!

Brian and Carly said...

OH my gosh. So do I. I'm going to read this post daily so I don't feel so alone!! :) We need to lock them in a padded room together. They would LOVE it. (and so would I).

Holly and Spencer said...

I always look forward to your blog. Flippin' hilarious!

Rebecca said...

Ohhh wow, she is a PILL! Pray for preschool :)

Jen said...

this is SO funny!!! shes getting so big!

Krista said...

From a grandma's point of view she is absolutely adorable. Write a book. It certainly won't be fiction! Ha