Friday, June 26, 2009

Full Day

Taya has been waking up every day at 6:00 now, so we either get a lot done during the day or absolutely nothing because I'm too wasted to move! This morning was an eventful one... apparently I left out our popcorn bowl from last night (you'd think I'd learn) and Taya got a kernel stuck up her nose at 7:30. I didn't know what to do or how to get it out, and it being so early I didn't want to call anyone. Already planning a trip to the doctor in my head, luckily I was able to see it and thought maybe I could get it out on my own. I ended up having to wake up Cameron to help me and within a minute it was out! Poor girl was crying and not happy about it! Thinking that whole scenario was over, about an hour later she sneezed and another popcorn kernel shot out into my hair. Nice! So either she shoved both in one nostril or one in each... no wonder she was crying!

A little while later I was laying on the couch- because that's just what a pregnant person has to do when their child wakes them up everyday at 6:00 - and I heard Taya saying "pawyee" so I assumed she was just going potty in her diaper. Well, she was being too quiet, so I got up off my lazy bum and walked into the room to find her pants off, diaper off, sitting on the toilet saying "pawyee pawyee" ... haha! It's been a hard day trying to keep her pants on, so we made a trip to Wal Mart and bought her a potty seat so she doesn't fall into the toilet, like she already did today :) Guess I'll be training her sooner than I thought! Apparently that's a good thing though! Our little girl is growing up so fast, hard to believe! It'd be so nice to have only 1 kid in diapers in October! If anyone has any advice on training let me know!

It's only 4:00 and I feel like the day should be over any second! I'll let you know what the rest of the day brings us :) ... I'll post pictures soon, I promise.


Jenn said...

Oh you poor girl! 6am is way too early for a prego mom! But she still naps doesn't she? That should help. Miss you!

Ty & Em said...

oh wow!! 6 is early!! I will email you this thing my friend sent me! It helped a lot with when I trained Brody!

Krista said...

You could adjust and just go to bed earlier if Cam didn't get home so late. Bummer. I'm so sorry. I think I was tired for 25 straight years. The potty training thing is hard too but you have a good start by her taking the initiative. Kiss her for me.

Rebecca said...

Ashley, you are a trooper. Chalk the day up to raising baby and look forward to the story being retold over and over again as the kids grow up and childhood memories are shared. Still think the funny part is the 2nd kernel shot into your hair! Wow, that was lucky huh? Ha! Love you, hang in're doing a fabulous job.