Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Taya and I got back from our trip to Atlanta late Saturday night. We had so much fun and, more importantly, got to relax a little :) . Jami was so good to us and took such good care of Taya! I felt so bad when we left though, I'm sure she was exhausted from a week of Taya waking up at 6:30 and having to chase her and stroll her around all over the place. Thanks so much though, James, I really appreciated it! Here's a few pictures from our trip...

This isn't the most beautiful picture, but kind of funny :) ... Also don't look too closely, but right smack dab in the center of my forehead is a mosquito bite the size of Texas. And don't worry, it got even worse. Thanks Atlanta.

Jami and Taya watching the ducks in the pond.

These were the shopping carts a grocery store there. Taya had an absolute blast steering them, it was probably her favorite part of the trip. Seriously. Don't worry that it makes the shopping cart about three times the size! She also got a balloon from the nice cashier. What a shopping trip!

This was a little fire engine at a park we went to. She loved playing on it and steering the wheel.

This is probably the only picture I have of me "playing" since Jami took care of all that part! She seriously let me sit down on the bench while she chased Taya around. But the fire truck, I must admit, was so much fun and I fit so perfectly. Can't you tell? :)

Thanks again, Jami, for letting us come stay with you. And Trey, sorry Taya probably woke you up every morning chasing the puppies around in circles! Atlanta, we'll miss you and all of your ridiculous hills! Seriously, I've never seen so many hills in my whole life! I think I lost 7 pounds on our walk on Saturday! And the trees! Holy smokes, you can't even see half of Georgia because all the trees are in the way. There's probably a lot of dead bodies there. Maybe someone should check. Sorry, too much information.


Jami said...

By far, the hardest I laughed while you were here was in the car as we noticed that your mosquito bite was growing by the second. I'm sorry Atlanta did that to you but I sure got a great laugh out of it. Why didn't you post any pictures of your forehead profile? At least you got to leave...I continue to get bit, right on my temple last night. They are relentless here.

Kristan Carter said...

I love getting together with friends, laughing and just having a good time...How are you? You need to call me so we can catch up... 801-360-1644

Grose Fam said...

I laughed out loud when I read your comment about dead totally random. So funny!

Rebecca said...

Glad you had a good (relaxing) time, thanks from me too Jamie! I just ordered a webcam so I can hang out with Taya...kinda...can't wait :)