Friday, September 5, 2008

Taya's Tunnel

Ok, so this isn't the video I was going to post, but I think the other one was too long because it wouldn't download. Anyway, this is Taya's tunnel we made and just her waving. Nothing special, but still cute :) Just another day in Chicago...

and yes, I now know I talk to much. Sorry.


Jacobson Family said...

She isn't a little baby anymore! She's so big

Fay's Page said...

Hi Treu Family,
I live in Cape Town South Africa.
I am a descendant of Max Rudolf Treu (born 1829 in Germany).
I am researching the Treu family and have just found out the Max's nephew also Max went to the USA to start the Treu house of Munch. please could you tell me if you are related?
I would love to hear from you.
kind regards Fay Lea

Brendan, Shea & London said...

how cute! That is a fun toy! I'm jealous that you got her to wave, I can never get london to wave on camera. Anyways, glad you guys are still having a fun summer.

Krista said...

It makes me laugh to think that we spend lots of money on toys and our babies always go for the boxes, pots and pans, paper, etc. She is really a doll. I miss you all so much.