Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Taste of Chicago

A few of us went to the Taste of Chicago today, it's this huge event held in the middle of downtown Chicago where restaurants come, set up boothes and give samples of all their food. Well, ok, not actually GIVE samples, wouldn't that be nice, but you have to pay for tickets, then the tickets get you the food... anyways... it was a long, HOT day, but we had fun and got to see more of the city so it was worth it. The crowds were absolutely ridiculous, I was so glad Cameron wasn't there, he would have gone NUTS! I feel like by the time we left we should've been given "I Survived The Taste of Chicago" t-shirts. Maybe I'll write a letter to the mayor. Or governor. Or whoever the heck is in charge of those things.

Here's a few pictures from our little adventure, and by little I mean not so little... how little can an adventure be with 3 hot (and by hot I mean sweaty) women, 2 babies, 2 kids, 3 strollers and one big, brown astro van... Wow that was a mouthful...

Look real close, that's me and Tay under the sign :)

Taya wasn't too happy after I stopped feeding her my blue raspberry italian ice... notice her blue mouth!

This is the famous Chicago Bean... Just a giant mirrored bean in downtown Chicago. It's actually pretty cool to see it reflect everything!

And once again, look real close, that's me and Tay!

We took a picture straight into the bean of all of us... not the best, but kind of funny. You can see handprints all over the bean! haha. Makes you wonder who has to clean the thing! hmmm...


Shea said...

That was fun, but so busy. Glad we got to do it. How is taya sleeping?