Sunday, February 19, 2012

2011 in a nutshell

Where oh where to begin? It's been so long and I've been dreading this post f.o.r.e.v.e.r., but I decided to just kind of sum up the year 2011.  I'll be honest, it was a rough one for us, but we're grateful it's over and hopefully it's made us stronger as a family!

 We started off the year moving to Arizona in February, which we both felt was the right decision. Around September things started changing with Cameron's work and we decided to sell our half of the company in Utah. So so random, but long story short, Cameron is now working full time BBQ and loving every minute of it. We feel like he never would've pursued a career in BBQ had we not moved to Arizona so we know we're here for a reason. We're hoping for the best over these next few months as BAM BAM'S BBQ starts to take off. I'm amazed at how quickly everything has happened and how incredible Cameron has done so far! He is extremely talented and has completely found his niche in life!

The end of October Cameron and I made a decision and he headed to The Biggest Loser Fitness Ridge in Malibu, CA for an entire month. He learned a lot about himself, exercise of course, and has lost somewhere around 50 pounds so far. It was definitely hard on both of us, but we're so grateful he was able to go and experience that. And, believe it or not, my kids survived an entire month with just Mommy. Wait, timeout... I SURVIVED an entire month as a single mommy! :)

I recently started a new blog with a good friend of mine in Arizona- Little Yellow Barn. We live within walking distance of each other so it's SO nice to have someone SO close who loves the same things that I do! We're super excited about it and hopefully we can keep up now that there's two of us!

The kiddos are doing good! Taya is loving preschool and asks to play with friends literally every single day. Apparently I'm not good enough for her :). Dodger has totally become a little annoying brother to her, which is actually pretty funny most of the time. He LOVES to poke her until she screams, chases her around the house until she screams, and taunts her until she... screams. I guess she doesn't realize she's older and much bigger, but maybe that's a good thing. It's just payback for how awful she's been to him the last two years!

That's it for now... sorry no pictures this time. I'm in Utah right now and Cameron is in Texas picking up his new smoker. My little sister is taking pictures of my kids tomorrow, so pictures to come... no pressure Jenna :) For now, sorry this is a picture-less post!


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