Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Life

Wow it's been a while! Life has been a little crazy over here! We've been busy packing, trying to find a house, trying to sell a house, trying to keep a house clean so we can actually sell a house... etc. You get the idea!

I've decided it'll be a miracle if I survive Taya's childhood! :) She keeps me busy every single day playing with her, picking up after her, chasing her skinny little legs all over the house... speaking of which, you'd think I'd be in better shape (but that's another story). This week I think I've picked up more spilled drinks than ever before! She definitely keeps us laughing though. A few funnies lately:

"Taya, do you want cereal or pancakes for breakfast?"
"I'm not hungry yet. Taya just ate last week"


"Taya, you need to get in the bath, are you ready?"
"No, not yet."
"Oh really? When are you gonna be ready?"
"Umm... prob-wee Fursday"
"Thursday? Wow, that's a long time!"

Taya sure is going to miss Utah. She talks about moving to "Own-a-zone-uh" everyday, but really I think she has no clue she won't be able to see her aunts and friends all the time. Not to mention pre-school and "dance cwass". BUT I'm sure she'll be MORE than excited to play outside EVERY DAY!!! ... Can you feel my excitement also? :) Ah, to just open the back door and let her play again! Can't wait.


Dodger has been... interesting lately. He teethed all through Christmas and came out with 3 new molars. He now has 4 teeth on top, 3 on bottom, and 3 molars. So random. Poor kid though, I feel so bad. Taya got her teeth in so slow I always wished she would just get them in all at the same time, but now I TOTALLY RETRACT THAT STATEMENT!!!! Never ever would I wish for this again! He's been miserable for probably 3 straight months. And don't get me started on his allergies. 

Ok, too late... his allergies... I'll be brief... took him to a homeopathic doctor this week because, quite honestly, I don't like the idea of masking my sons itching with steroids soooo I took him in and LOVED IT. Found out he's allergic to DAIRY, GRAINS, EGGS, ALL FOOD DYES, DOGS, PEANUTS, etc... L.O.V.E. I.T. ... ok not really. I know what you're thinking... what do I feed him? Well, I'm still workin' on that. Need to make a trip to the health food store on Monday, but for now he's eating lots of rice, fruits, veggies (if he will eat them! :( ), smoothies, rice milk, almond milk, a special protein shake, rice cakes, rice crackers - yum, ha- etc. BUT I can already see an improvement, I swear his skin is getting better so it'll be totally worth it. I'll keep you posted, but thanks to those who have given me advice and good websites to look at. And if anyone else has any other info/recipes/anything useful PLEASE LET ME KNOW!! :)

He's still crawling, he might take even longer than Taya did! Ha. He actually does this funny thing where he walks on his knees, it's hilarious. I'll have to video it sometime. Other than that he pretty much yells for everything he wants now- should have taught him sign language, whoops- and still loves his mama!


Cam has been in Arizona this whole week looking for a house so we're all definitely ready for him to come home! Taya cries for him every night before bed. It's so sad/kinda cute :). She loves her daddy! I thought I'd get so much done while he was gone, but turns out I haven't really done a thing! Sorry Cam! I've been lonely so I've been drowning my sorrows in tv shows ... I mean... educational novels :). But not really. So Cam, come home, so you can kick my butt back into gear! He found a house today, though, FINALLY... YAY!!! We're so excited! It took a lot longer than we thought and turned out to be MUCH more difficult- even only being a rental- but we finally did it. Good job us.

If you've made it through this entire post, sorry it's been so long. And sorry for the lame-o no picture post, but currently one of my cameras is broken - tear, tear - and the other is missing the USB cord.  So, maybe next time...


Andrew and Jenna said...

Didn't we find a USB cord or two when we were packing the other day? Your life is crazy busy right now. I don't envy you one bit :)

Rach and Clark said...

Ashley, you will love Arizona this time of the year! Come April you may not...but yes, your kids can play outside all the time. Where did Cameron find a house? We're excited for you guys, what an adventure!

PS, I'm glad to hear that you now know what allergies Dodger has. WHat a relief. I have contemplated taking Clark to an allergy specialist since he has psoriasis that never seems to clear up on his scalp and knees.

Ty & Em said...

you need to join the Ufan (utah food anaphlaxis network) It's a Utah food allergy group (Google) it's really nice they have recipes, it really helped me I felt like I was alone when it came to Brod's allergies. I have tons of recipes and great websites! Let me know if you want them!! love ya girly!! I'm going to miss you when you move to Arizona!

Brian and Carly said...

You are the most awesome writer! I was cracking up through this entire thing. Our kids are seriously twins. I told Avie to clean her toys up. She said "Sure mom!...On Sunday." It was Tuesday.

Krista said...

I sure hope Dodger takes up where Taya leaves off when she gets older and not so funny. I am going to miss these "Tayaisms".

Poelmans said...

don't move!!!