Monday, November 1, 2010


I know, I know, I've been neglecting this blog lately, but I have to write down a few things real quick before I forget! I'll do a longer post later, but Taya has been hilarious lately and has said some pretty funny things. Let me just say first though, she still speaks in third person and can't say her "L" 's so things come out much funnier...

*Last week I was trying to hurry and get the kids in the car because we were late for something -shocker- and I hurried and buckled Taya and as soon as I was done she looked at me and said, "y'all done freakin' out Mom?" WHAT?!?! Where did she get that from?? Cam!! :)

*Taya is always curious about aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, cousins, etc. so one day she said

"What's Taya?"
"You're my daughter"
"Tay's not daughter, Tay's pretty princess"

*Today Taya got in the car and wouldn't sit in her car seat so I got mad and her response was this:

"Don't get mad at Taya anymore Mom"
"Well, you need to start listening to me, Taya, then I don't have to get mad"
"Taya isten you when Tay gets bigger"

Again, WHAT?!?! Haha, I couldn't help but laugh at that one!

Never a dull moment with Taya, that's for sure!


Andrew and Jenna said...

Really, can I have her?

Krista said...

Can I too? She is so entertaining. Can't wait for a big squeeze this weekend.