Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Ok so I'm DYING to show you this piece I've been working on- not to brag, but because that will mean that it's FINALLY FINISHED!!!!! This thing has taken me WAY too long and I'm tired of looking at it. :) I've been sick FOREVER and had a few days in there where I couldn't even function, so long story short, it will be done and listed FOR SALE TOMORROW!

It's obviously a china hutch- the piece on the right fits on top of the piece on the left, I just couldn't convince Cam to lift it up just for a before picture :)

Yes, lots of CAPS were used in this post... that's just how excited I am to be done with this thing. It's pretty, don't get me wrong, it has just WAY overstayed its welcome. :) And also, a HUGE special thanks to my hubby who can fix almost anything and repaired all the screws and damage that was done by the idiot before that refinished this. Yes, I realize it takes time to learn how to do this, and I'm still learning too, but really, whoever did it was a moron. Sorry, I'm mean. It just got frustrating after about the 5th stripped screw. So if you're ever doing anything with screws, DON'T STRIP THEM, IT WILL CAUSE LOTS OF ANGER LATER! Phewsh, I'm done now. :)

After pictures coming soon!


Jacobson Family said...

I can't wait to see it finished! That was such a teaser! ;)

Krista said...

You are a fairy god mother! How are you going to change this piece?