Friday, July 17, 2009

You'll NEVER Guess...

So you'll never guess what I bought for Taya at the grocery store yesterday...

A motorcycle magazine! HA!

She's OBSESSED with motorcycles and bikes and always looks at our magazines for bikes in them :) So I did her a favor and bought this magazine FULL of motorcycles! She couldn't love it any more! It's so cute, she just sits on the couch and says "woooowww" and "whuusss at?" to every single motorcycle. Cameron is excited because he thinks maybe this will help his chances of getting a motorcycle someday, haha.

Lounging on the couch flipping through the pages


Anonymous said...

Ok seriously this is SO adorable! Cody is going to die when he hears this, a girl after his own heart! That is so funny you guys will have to get her a little fifty when she is older!
lots of love