Saturday, November 22, 2008

Here I Am

So my blog has been neglected for a few weeks! But here I am, I'm back :) We haven't been doing too many fun things, just very busy. I've been sooooo extremely tired and no energy lately so I finally went to the doctor and found out I have a thyroid problem, so hopefully it'll get better soon! Taya is getting so big and is still so much fun. She's learning how to throw temper tantrums though, hopefully that's just a phase. I took a cute video of her that I'll have to post tomorrow.

I babysat my sister's kids a few weeks ago and they decided to make a pile of leaves. Here's a few pictures from the big event... Melaina and Myra, way too excited about leaves :)

I thought this face was so funny for some reason!

Myra decided she wanted to be burried in leaves!


Krista said...

These pictures are so cute.The ones of Myra in the leaves look sort of animated. No wonder they had so much fun with you. Taya probably enjoyed having some cousins around too.