Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Taya and I just got back from our trip back home, we had so much fun and came back exhausted! We stayed at my sister's house and they took such good care of us! Taya loved playing with her cousins and I'm sure will be bored now with just me at home! It was so fun to see so much family, we're excited to be back in Utah again soon! Tay got the flu while we were there and unfortunately came home with that and 4 more teeth! Needless to say, the flights were both not very fun, I'm not sure I'll ever want to fly again :) We'll see how my trip home goes next month :/ better than driving I guess. Here's a few pictures from our vacation...

On Wednesday we went to the Scera pool in Orem and all the kids got to swim. Taya loved it but was tired so we gave her a sucker to keep her happy a little while longer, she went to town on that thing! :)

I left taya alone for two seconds and came back to her feeding herself yogurt... oops :)

Taya got to play with her cousin Maya while we were home. They gave each other kisses the whole time and had so much fun!

I told my brother if he could get Taya to smile I'd give hime $5... hopefully he fogot about it though!

Tay was sad so we gave her a whole watermelon to see what she'd do... messy, but she loved it!


Krista said...

Sweet pictures. You are such a good mommy Ashley. Taya is so blessed. That was so fun to watch Taya and Jace eating watermelon.